It is going to rain

Me: It is going to rain

Tarun: You sound like Oracle.

Me: How so?


The city is boiling. People are melting. And all of a sudden you hear a voice, like it is coming from Oracle. An old lady, much like Gollum‘s mother says, “It is going to rain”. 

You laugh at her, mock her but secretly wish she was right.

You pack your stuff in the evening ready to go home and you reach your bike. You kickstart it and head towards home and then it happens.

A drop on your wrist, then on your head. You look at it surprised. You look at the rain and start dancing in it. You thank the witchy Oracle for saying it is going to rain.

You reach office next day, to thank her, she looks at you, with same profound look, and she says “Tyrion is going to die”.

The above story is an impromptu brainchild of my dearest friend, Tarun Motwani, during a random conversation over a day which had full potential of turning into a rainy day. Coincidentally it was also a GoT Monday.

PS: He loves rains (probably much more than any sane person should)!

PPS: Yes, I have his permission to post this story 🙂